Delivery methods

During your order, choose which is the delivery method that suits you best for the receipt of our products.

We offer the following delivery methods :


Collection from our store

You can choose to come and obtain your order by yourselves from our store. Click here to find our location on the map.


Delivery in Greece via ACS for packages up to 10 kg

Αποστολή μέσω ACS

Delivery of packages up to 10 kg in Greece are processed via ACS Carrier.

Delivery costs are FREE   for whole Greece up to 30€. Delivery is valid for packages up to 10 kg. 

In purchases less than 30€ the shipping costs are 5 €.


Delivery in Greece via transportation company for packages from 10 kg and up

Αποστολή με μεταφορική εταιρία

In case the total weight of the package is more than 10 kg(eg. hammock frames), then the packages are being sent via transportation companies.


Send in Cyprus

If the total weight of your order is up to 5 kg, then the shipping costs are 10 €. From 5 to 10 kg is 15€, from 10 to 15kg is 25€ and for orders exceeding 15 kilograms, the shipping cost is 30 €. The delivery time for our shipments to Cyprus is about 5-10 days.