Fast and easy payment

  • αντικαταβολή     Payment on Delivery

With the recievement of your order at your delivery address. This payment method is valid for Greece only.

  • Κατάθεση σε τράπεζα     Bank deposit     

Prepay your order in one of the following bank accounts:

NATIONAL BANK: 878 / 48 000 3-67  -  IBAN: GR2501108780000087848000367  -  BIC: ETHNGRAA

ALPHA BANK: 4830 0232 0000 706  -  IBAN: GR1701404830483002320000706  -  BIC: GRBAGRAA

EUROBANK: 0026 0014 2402 0052 8208  -  IBAN: GR3602600140000240200528208  -  BIC: ERBKGRAA

VIVAWALLET IBAN: GR2370100000000879207400793 - BIC: VPAYGRAA

Note in the etiology of filing your name and send us a copy of the deposit check with fax at 23920 71761 or with e-mail at : . Your order will be sent directly, according to the availability of the products

  • Πιστωτική κάρτα     Credit Card 

Our e-shop accepts the credit cards Visa, MasterCard, Maestro, American Express, Diners. Card payments are processed through the VivaWallet electronic payment platform.

  • Άτοκες δόσεις     Free installments     

From 150 € maximum 3 installments. From 300 € maximum 5 installments.

  •     Paypal     Paypal - Electronic Wallet

What's paypal?

Paypal is the most widely used online service for electronic transactions, which is used for secure Internet transactions and undertakes for payments on online shops on your behalf, without requiring continuous intervention at every step.

How Paypal works

Paypal operates as an intermediary account for the online stores and services you interact with. The Paypal account, created by you when you register, is powered by the amount of money you want and only when you decide so, using your credit or debit card as well as your bank account. The use of Paypal in a transaction requires the user only enter the email & password he/she used during the creation of the Paypal account. From that point and beyond, paypal itself undertakes to complete the transaction without the disclosure of any evidence of yourself (eg. name, credit card number, etc.).